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You must be at least 16 years old to use the content in any form, and if you are under 16 depending on the country you live in, according to the age limit by which you need parental or guardian consent to consume and access our content, please ask their permission.

Each of our custom-made products is made personalized, as well as the pieces you order on the online store, based on the information you sent us. Please pay attention to the correctness of the data for which you are responsible.

Ordering through the site is possible for all listed models on the site by clicking on the “add to cart” button. When compiling the order, it is necessary to leave all the required information. After that, we will contact you only in case we cannot provide the ordered item or in case of doubts about your note or entered data.
In case all the information is entered correctly and we have the requested item in stock, we will not contact you, but the courier will deliver the package as stated above.

When the execution of the order has started and the advance payment has been received – which is obligatory when concluding the contract, bojanaugresic.com will start with the release of your garments.

VAT is included in the price and there are no hidden costs.

For each size, the basic dimensions of the model are highlighted. The sample photographed on the model is in BOJANA SIZE size 38 – which is important information to know if the piece fits your size and to avoid inconveniences and errors when ordering.

At the time of payment and defining all the details related to the production of custom garments, which you will order by first sending an inquiry on the site – when you click the make an inquiry if we have any questions we will contact you to check all the necessary information. At the time of order closure, there are no modifications to what was agreed when creating the order.

To order products entered in the basket, you need to select the size of the product, the number of items you order, and click on the add to cart option.

After that, you will have an item in the basket.

By clicking on the “add to cart” button, you will be asked to enter the delivery details and payment method. The whole process will not take you more than 5 minutes.

Available payment options are by debit/credit card through a payment system integrated into our online store.

If you don’t have the option to pay via debit/credit card send us a note and we will contact you with details with instructions for payment. If you decide to pay by debit/credit card through the payment system integrated into our online store, keep the following in mind: when entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form. 

Payment card information is not available to our system during the transaction.

In case of returning the goods and returning the funds to the buyer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, partially or in full, and regardless of the reason for the return, Bojana studio is obliged to return the money.

The package is delivered by the courier service for the territory of Serbia, or DHL, or the Post of Serbia Abroad.

Shipping costs will be calculated when creating the order.

Depending on the bank, your payment can be credited to your account within three days, and the shipment will be sent within 15 working days. The transit time of the shipment itself is not longer than 5 days and depends on customs regulations and authorities in the country of destination. 

In Serbia, the transit time is 2 days and we are not responsible if due to customs regulations, measures, or situations caused by the current situation, the delivery deadline is extended.

Delivery is possible worldwide.

We use DHL Express Service to send all our products outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Depending on the territory where the product is shipped, the shipping costs will be calculated later.

As a responsible legal entity, Bojana Studio pays a lot of attention to the packaging and correctness of products that are sent to customers. 

Despite all the efforts, it happens that unintentionally or by mistake of the courier service, due to manipulation in the warehouses, some damage occurs.

When you receive the package, it is very important that all damage to the package that occurred during transport, and is visible on the product packaging (broken, crumpled, crushed box, damaged or wet shoes in a damaged box, etc.) immediately report to the courier delivered the goods so that he could make a Record of Damage and submit a complaint to the competent service in his courier service. The buyer is obliged to report any damage during transport within 24 hours of receiving the goods. If you notice such damage, do not sign the receipt of the shipment or ask the courier to wait until you check whether the damage to the packaging caused damage to the product itself. If the product is not damaged, and all parts are numbered, sign the receipt of the shipment and pick it up.

If you received the shipment and after opening the box found that the delivered goods do not match the ordered or the invoice information is not correct, please, no later than 24 hours from the date of receipt of the shipment, call 0641954236, or send an e-mail with your data (name, surname, phone) to e-mail office@bojanaugresic.com and describe what problem you have and add photos as evidence.

As soon as possible, we will respond to the consumer’s complaint electronically by email or phone by confirming receipt of the complaint or announcing the number under which your complaint is registered in the records of complaints received and inform you of further action.

The deadline for responding to the complaint is 7 days, and for resolving the complaint is 15 days from the moment of reporting it.

In case you have chosen a garment that is in a certain confection number or size, which will be subsequently displayed in our shop where a purchase is possible in this way, replacement is possible only if the product is damaged or if the size is not appropriate – again from the reason is that we do not have stock and every piece of clothing is made after your order.

It is not possible to replace one product with another. The buyer is responsible for paying the transport costs in case of return or replacement, as well as additional customs duties and taxes.

Replacement in case of our error or size is approved within three days of receipt of delivery and more information about this can be obtained at office@bojanaugresic.com

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