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Inspired by the universe, light, and spirituality, fashion design expresses a woman’s beauty as a wonder trinity of body, mind, and soul. The beauty of my woman is defined through pure form, details, and colors. Bojana Ugresic, fashion designer and creative director
Dear visitors and customers, thank you for visiting our website. My name is Bojana Ugresic and i would like to shortly introduce myself as a person from the corner of a fashion designer, and stylist based in Serbia. Driven by the inner sense of exploring my journey began 15 years ago. That was the moment when i started to learn more about concepts of style, beauty, and design. I became interested in fashion culture while I was at college studying Marketing and Brand management. Then, afterward, during the writing of my final master project, which was about fashion as mass culture. Also the creation of a fashion brand on a global market. Working as a costume, fashion designer and stylist for almost 15 years now, I was allowed to carry out my ideas on many projects within the creative industry,. I have ollaborated with great people from Visual Infinity (Serbia), Ater studio (Croatia), Artikulacija (Montenegro), Artvark (Serbia), Inspire shoots, Creative light Photography and many more afterward. Collaborations with production and fashion houses inspired me to explore more about the art of fashion and its practice. I sense it as the most essential way to express myself while interpreting a subjective style. In 2015, I decided to launch my own business as a fashion entrepreneur and begin creative independence with all received experience. That expirience shaped my vision of beauty and style in the concept of fashion design. Inspired by the universe, light, and the spirit of love, I step in to create my divine world of beauty.

The Body

Our outer shell and the starting point of the divine journey to the inner universe of beauty and love. It is the vital piece of our being that gathers energy and fuels the life nectar within us. It is there to protect the core elements that are Mind and Soul. The Rectangle is the exact embodiment of these values; robust, stable, and firm.


The Mind

In the presence of grace-driven by love, intellect, and impulses of the outside world, the Mind captures the essence of our soul and responds to those impulses as creative forces as it is the eternal seeker for truth and love. The Triangle represents the sharpness of the mind. It is interwoven with both body and soul forming a strong connection.


The Soul

It is ultimately responsible for giving life energy to the body. It is the elixir of our being and the keeper of our inner light, which is the essence of the universe. The Circle represents the spirit of energy and infinite love. The Inner heart is connected to the spiritual and nature in eternity. Symbolizing the spiritual heaven, it evokes the blessed heart with principles of the Sun, the moon, and the stars. The elements of the body, mind, and soul.

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