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Touch Of Heaven – Bridal Collection

Touch of Heaven Bojana wedding dress collection brings freshness to bridal and special occasion looks. Ready for the wed in your dream dress?

Touch of Heaven is a dreamy world full of glamour and bridal, special occasion dresses. Idea was to create the energy of special moments that we cherish for so long – in every look. Precious moments captured in the finest and softest forms, with freshness are created there with special attention to every detail.

The idea for creating the Bojana studio starts in Montreux. A small town on the northeast shore of Lake Geneva. The beautiful view of the lake and serenity were energy to capture. This was also the place where many great artists of the world found their inspiration. One of them was Fredy Mercury, whose studio was here. He wrote and composed his last album, Made in Heaven – here

Touch of Heaven’s design core is a wedding, elegant dresses, and timeless parts of the wardrobe for special occasions. This collection is full of sophisticated elements in styling and clean-cut tailoring with the finest fabrics.

Carefully chosen fabrics are lace, tulle, satin, silk, and tweed. Firstly soft and delicate. Secondly, decorated with pleating details and signature buttons.

Colored in romance, blended in white pearls – colors are soft ivory, mint, and pastel rose tones. Because of that, you have a feeling that the whole aesthetic is inviting you into a better world.
A touch of Heaven is the place to be.

In the end, there is a ready-to-wear part of the collection, perfect for special and everyday occasions.

The collection is captured in the studio, with names were carefully chosen to tell the story itself. Inspire shoots photography captured this collection at the Belgrade photo studio.

Project: Fashion Collection
Brand: Bojana
Fashion Designer: Bojana Ugresic
Director and Dop: Djordjre Stojiljkovic
Photographer: Rale Radovic
Production Assistant: Drazen Zigic
Creative Director: Bojana Ugresić
Hair Stylist: Đurdjica Ivanović
Makeup Artist: Ena Jović
Scenographer: Miroslav Živanov
Model(s): Mirjana Jovanović
Locations: Studio Photogenic, Belgrade
Label and copyright: Bojana Ugrešić Studio 2019
Special Thanks: Aldo
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