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The Artisan TVC

Bojana studio team with Bojana Ugresic as a  fashion designer, stylist, creative director, and costume designer worked over the years are here. 

We created a form creative portfolio, through tv, music videos, and ad campaign sections.  In these posts, you will read more about behind-the-scenes. Also, a team that participated in the projects, and the whole creative process. Here is more about Artisan Gin shooting. 

I was recently part of the team gathered by Georgijevic production. We created a new campaign for a Croatian premium London dry gin the Artisan gin.

This spirit drink is made of 14 organic plants, which are locally sourced and hand-picked in collaboration with family farmers in Croatia. My job was to put together styling elements combined with the design of the costume. The main goal was that models through the whole aesthetic of their wardrobe style and appearance reflect the amazing design of the bottle.

I have chosen to collaborate with Kigili https://www.kigili.com/, the men’s clothing brand in Turkey. I was right when I decided to take a tuxedo, shirt, and shoes from their offer. Elegance met modern glamour.

And for the rest of the cast, we also followed that aesthetic in detail.

Cufflinks were part of the Bojana studio and since we have chosen bronze and black.

A mix of colors reflected the corporate identity of the Artisan.

For the main female character, I have decided to design the dress in satin.  Which would reflect the same time design of the bottle.

I am always happy to collaborate with such an enthusiastic and positive crew and it was truly a pleasure to participate in the creation of the whole campaign from my angle.

I hope you will enjoy these videos and that this will be the brand that you will support in the future.

Client: The Artisan
Brand: The Artisan Gin
Production: Georgijevic Production
Director and Dop: Miroslav Georgijevic
Gaffers: Dzoni
Special Thanks: Dzoni
Dress Designer: Bojana Ugresic
Stylist: Bojana Ugresic
Hair Stylist: Djurdjica Ivanovic
Makeup Artist: David
Assistant: Snežana Ignjatović, Darko Curguz, Danka Georgijevic
Model(s): Ana Kostic, Marko Milanovic, Milica Bojovic, Aleksandra Ugljevičanin, Milena Rakočević, Igor Uzunovic, Zoran Novaković
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