Aleksandar Kerekeš Keki

Mtel Austrija (Tvc)

Client/ Mtel Austrija
Agency/ Aqarius Ogilvy
Director & DOP/ Aleksandar Kerekes
Organisation/ Milana Vučković
Production Assistant/ Slaviša Zeljko
Models/ Fox Model Agency
Styling & MakeUp/ Bojana Ugresic
Special Thanks | Beosport, United Colours Of Beneton, Bomar, Mexx, Sting, The Manual Co, Sisley, Bomar, Dve smizle

Hari Mata Hari – Cilim ( Music Video)

Director: Muris Beglerović
Dop: Aleksandar Kerekeš
Coreographer: Milica Cerović
Dress designer, Stylist, Makeup: Bojana Ugrešić
Model: Aleksandra Stojanović
Production Assistant: Slaviša Zeljko
Camera Assistant: Milan Platiša
Organisation: Milana Vučković
Location: Cyprus

Amadeus Band – Izdajice (Music Video)

Video: Visual Infinity
Reditelj i direktor fotografije: Aleksandar Kerekes Keky
Uloge: Anamarija Tosic, Dragana Knezevic
Kostimografi: Srdjan Peric, Bojana Ugresic, Kokoro Kendo Kai Novi Sad, Satori Novi Sad
Scenograf: Branko Kecic
Stajling i sminka: Bojana Ugresic
Frizure: Kristina Loh
Organizacija: Milana Vuckovic
Asistenti produkcije: Slavisa Zeljko, Aleksandar Vuckovic, Radovan Popovic, Nikola Segan
Making of Video: Zelimir Krizov
Narator: Sloba Konjovic
Pirotehnika: Stanko Knezevic, Losos

Purple Dress

Marine exterior of Malta and the mystical energy of purple.
It is made of muslin and adaptable to client needs.
Director & DOP: Aleksandar Kerekeš Keky – Designer: Bojana Ugrešić – Model: Teodora Baković – Location: Malta – Directors Cut: Rale Radovic

Cotton Dress

Softness, color and beauty of the cotton flower were the inspiration for the creation of this dress.
It is made from the finest silk, muslin and tulle. It is embellished by arm flower and waist details. We recommend it as a wedding or evening dress. Adaptable to the needs of clients. – Director & DOP: Aleksandar Kerekeš Keky – Designer: Bojana Ugrešić – Location: Montenegro – Directors Cut: Rale Radovic


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