Author name: Bojana Ugresic

The Artisan (Tvc)

I was recently part of the team gathered by Georgijević production- that created a new campaign for a Croatian premium London dry gin the Artisan gin. This spirit drink is made of 14 organic plants, which are locally sourced and hand-picked in collaboration with family farmers in Croatia. My job was to put together styling …

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Željko Vasić – Večiti Romantik (Music Video)

Amazing video for new Zeljko Vasic song is placed in Kombank Dvorana space in Belgrade. It was real pleasure to collaborate with amazing team of musical and visual artists during this project. We choose casual elegance look- Hugo Boss black jeans and total Hugo Boss black elegant look –Suit, tie and black shirt-to reflect romantic, passionate and elegant atmosphere of the video trough the wardrobe style of the singer.

For ballet dancers we wanted simplicity and elegance with attitude so silky asymmetrical skirt and layers of silk in powdery rose tone of dress with feather embroidery details-custom made in our atelier for girl and black dance pants for dancer with white clean shirt and vest were our choice this time.

Scene design, lightning and total atmosphere of the video reflected emotion of the song, so costume followed that vibe.
Special thanks to our friends from Sisley and Benetton Novi Sad, Urban Shop and Beosport for details and clothing elements for total looks in video.

Zaks – Zakoracite u svijet zlatnih trenutaka – (Tvc)

This winter we are taking you into the world of imagination. Favourite Croatian young singer Mia Negovetic in winter fairy tale Zaks – like Alise in wonderland on her road- discovering that Christmas Magic starts the moment when you decide to give your love ones something from the heart. In dream land, we see the most beautiful golden pieces of jewelry that are representing golden flowers.

In the studio and during meetings with client and production in Zagreb, we have decided that in our atelier we will make glamorous baby blue tule gown with plise details, and that shade of baby blue would perfectly reflect Mias eyes along with the golden jewelry and amazing scenography.TVC is produced in Ater studio Croatia, and directed by Aleksandar Kerekes Keki. Main hair stylist is Katica Topcic and Make Up artist Ana Rajic

Metafex – Goodwil Pharma

Shooting for Cartinorm – Goodwill Pharma was placed in Subotica and working with Eighty Four Frames production was great expirience.

Special thanks to the Lindex Serbia, Mexx, Sting, United Colours of Benetton, Sisley and Beosport Serbia for collaboration and for providing me elements of wardrobe styling and clothing in this TVC and my assistants Martina Celikovic and Drazen Zigic

Stylists: Bojana Ugresic

Cartinorm – Goodwill Pharma

Production: Eighty Four Frames, Director of Photography&director: Nemanja Pavlovic, Gaffers: Stefan Jovanovic, Svetozar Jovanovic, Music composing&Sound mix: Zeljko Veljkovic, 1st Assistant camera.: Ürményi Frigyes, Stylist: Bojana Ugresic, Photographer: Damir Vujkovic, On set photographer: Branko Beokovic, Colorist: Nemanja Pavlovic, Voice: Milos Maksimovic
Special thanks to the Lindex Serbia, Mexx, Sting, United Colours of Benetton, Sisley and Beosport Serbia for collaboration and for providing me elements of wardrobe styling and clothing in this TVC

Rajiceva Shopping Center

Rajiceva Shopping Center, located in the heart of Belgrade, is sure to satisfy shopping needs for all those who want to enjoy both downtown’s attractions – cultural manifestations and sophisticated shopping. Besides famous brands in which every shopping lover and stylist would enjoy-as I did,  you will be able to relax in restaurants which have the best view of the City. Part of the shooting was placed in Mama Shelter-vibrant and urban space with great rooftop.

Sensa Magazine – True Romance 19

Rovinj, a small town on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula is a place for True Romance 19 silk organza collection. According to many, it is one of the most romantic places in the Mediteranean. A long time age, Rovinj used to be an island protected with a high, strong stone walls. So it is not accident that collection True Romance is placed in city where you can fall in love in enchanting and dreamy streets coloured in pastels. Memorable quotes from the movie True romance, shades of rose and Ivory created the perfect summer story that reflects romantic, gracefull and feminine look of Bojana woman. In this part of Rovinj story you may find pictures captured by our amazing photographers Rale Radovic and Milos Gutesa
Special thnx to Nikolina Benčić Lončarić hairdresser from Lone Hotel Yason eyewear and Nine West Srbija