Fashion Designer Bojana Ugrešić and her team stand proudly in front of the fashion brand Bojana, ready to immerse you in the world of creative clothing. At our fashion studio, we specialize in customized handmade, meticulously designed clothing pieces. Additionally, we are passionate about sharing our storytelling concepts with you.


At Bojana, we are renowned for our clean and sophisticated forms, reflected in a diverse range of ready-to-wear products – available on our website products category below. There’s something for everyone!


Our studio’s signature segments include bridal, wedding, and special occasion dresses, each imbued with our unique storytelling approach.

Drawing inspiration from nature, we infuse our collections with elements of the natural world, weaving them into our storytelling concepts. Furthermore, we delve deeper into the narratives behind each collection to uncover the inspiration behind our designs.

Our meticulous attention to detail extends to our carefully curated color palette, chosen to complement and enhance the themes of each fashion collection. Moreover, personalized touches from our fashion designer, Bojana Ugrešić, add a distinctive flair to our aesthetics.

At our core, we embrace timeless looks and the slow fashion ethos, shaping our clothing beyond trends. Our use of color and concepts reflects the dynamic fashion landscape, capturing the spirit of the times.


Importantly, we offer worldwide shipping from Serbia, ensuring that our products reach customers across the globe. Additionally, explore the world of Bojana today and experience the intersection of creativity, storytelling, and fashion excellence.


Fashion Designer Bojana Ugrešić invite you to check our social networks for more fresh updates: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Furthermore, subscribe to our website for updates on news, collections, discounts, and sales. Join our community to stay updated on all segments at brand Bojana.

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